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A Passion to Serve…with Electronics

For the past few months I’ve been asking us to think about what it means to be a minister and how we’re all called to some form of ministry. The question many of us struggle with is, “What is my ministry?” I want to suggest that one way we can find our unique ministry is by paying close attention to the things we’re passionate about. Bruce Moseley provides us with a fine example of how our passion can uncover the path to our ministry. 
Bruce Moseley- a passion to serve with electronics
When Bruce was growing up he discovered he had a passion for electronics and drama. During high school Bruce assisted the drama team and really enjoyed helping them with lighting, the sound system, and sound effects. While Bruce enjoyed his work on the drama team, his greatest passion was his love of electronics. This wasn’t just a minor hobby or something he dabbled in, it was all-consuming. Bruce had a friend named Dan and they developed their   passion together throughout high school.  This eventually led to the development of a AM radio station which was operated from Dan’s home. The radio call signal was WDAN. The radio signal was so powerful that it affected the signals of other radio stations in the Midlothian area. Local residents complained and eventually the FCC came-a-calling. The radio station was dismantled and thus ended Bruce and Dan’s short tenures as radio station moguls. 
Bruce’s passion for electronics actually led to gainful employment and ultimately shaped Bruce’s career path.
During High School Bruce worked for Jarvis Company running wires and installing sound systems. After high school he worked for Bill May TV repairing televisions. Bruce then transitioned to work in the security industry installing security systems, which ultimately led him to start Midlothian Electronics in 1975. That company was eventually sold in 1996. Bruce then reformed the company under the name Moseley Electronics and that company is still a thriving business. One of the things Moseley Electronics does exceedingly well is sound reproduction. They work with a number of area churches to assemble Audio Visual (AV) systems to meet the church’s needs. Bruce and his team look at the acoustics of a building, the musical talent available in the church, the budget, and then they develop a system designed to give the best sound possible.
One of the churches that Bruce works with is his home church, Bethel. After the People of Hope building was completed Bruce felt a calling to put an AV Team together so he reached out to Doug Wight, Mike Rider and Jimmy Morris and the team was born. Bruce began to sense a call to train people to run and maintain the AV equipment. That call expanded to help the choir and other musical groups to achieve the best possible sound. Along the way Bruce noticed that the relationships he was forming with others on the team and in the church were becoming significant relationships to him. He was beginning to see this team as a ministry. One way this team ministers to our congregation is by offering hearing assistance devices to those who have trouble hearing.
The AV Team truly is a ministry, and for Bruce, it’s a sacred calling. Bruce has this to say about his calling, “I felt that God had been working in my life, all of my life, to prepare me for a job at my church, a church I’ve been at since the cradle, to lead the AV team and to help enhance the worship experience at the church that I love. I can use that talent and passion right here at my church.”
Bruce also has this to say about his team, which has grown from four people to ten people,  “It is such a pleasure to work with a group of people who are always smiling, always willing to help, and are so talented.” Bruce says there isn’t another church that he works with that has such a dedicated and talented group of people. “We are really blessed and fortunate to have the people we have at Bethel,” he says.
When Bruce spoke to me about his calling and the AV Team I could hear the passion in his voice and see it in his eyes. It reminded me of something Jesus said in John 10:10.  Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  I think that Bruce Moseley is living an abundant life in Christ. I believe each one of us can have this abundant life in Christ; the question is how do we find it? I believe it’s through a combination of God’s ability and your availability. The abundant life in Christ can be found when you make available your God given ability to serve others in ministry in your own unique God given ministry. The abundant life  of Christ can be found at the intersection of God’s Purpose and your Passions. When those two places converge, that’s where abundant life is found. May God bless Bruce Moseley and may God bless Bethel as we each use our unique passion and gifts to serve God’s Kingdom. Amen.

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