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A Step of Faith

Who is Jason Moore and why is that quote important? Jason and his wife Lauren joined church last fall. In February they dedicated their two beautiful children, Coen and Elliot, to the Lord. At the dedication service the Moore’s publicly announced their intention to model their faith in Christ for their children. Not only is their faith a model for their children, it may just be a model for us as well. Let me explain.

Jason works as an Assistant Store Manager for PetSmart and he’s been there 8 ½ years. We all know there is no such thing as job security in this day and age, but this is as close as it gets. For his 8 ½ years of service, Jason receives a steady paycheck, good benefits, a 401K, and paid vacation. It’s a good job. But Jason’s trading that in for an adventure of Biblical proportions.

Jason Moore
For sometime Jason has been dealing with a restless feeling that the Lord wanted him to do something else with his life, but what?  So he prayed  to the Lord for direction. That’s a smart move because the Lord certainly answers prayers and Jason’s answer came one day when he visited a sawmill to purchase some lumber for a table he was building for a friend.
As he was talking with the owner of the sawmill Jason said, “Something just spoke to me and I knew this is what I needed to do.” Jason’s grandfather owned two sawmills, so the sawmill gene was part of Jason’s DNA. After continued prayer and discussion with Lauren, Jason took a huge step of faith and purchased his own portable sawmill. His plan is to  provide rough-cut lumber to local builders and he’ll also build rustic furniture for customers. One of the things Jason hopes his business will be able to do is what he calls “The Give Back Program.” For any lumber that he cuts from donated trees all of the proceeds from these sales will come directly to Bethel and his home church New Hope Christian Church in Brunswick County Virginia.
There are a couple of things I’d like to highlight from Jason’s story. First, notice how the Lord answered Jason’s prayer. God will often speak to us through the circumstances of our lives. When Jason visited that sawmill the Lord spoke to him through this circumstance. Also, I don’t believe it’s an accident that Jason has the sawmill business in his heritage either; that’s another circumstance. Also notice, the things God calls us to do will almost always require a step of faith. In Jason’s case the step of faith is a pretty big step. Jason has two young children at home and he   is leaving a fairly secure job to do what he believes the Lord is calling him to do. Some may call this foolishness, I call it great faith. Finally, look at the motivation behind his work. Jason hopes this business will not only put food on the table, but he hopes to be able to support the ministries of two churches that have been central in his walk of faith. More importantly he hopes to leave a legacy of faith for his children. I asked Jason if he was at all concerned that this job might not provide as well as his career at Pet Smart.  That’s when he said,
“I’m working on putting God in my children’s hearts instead of things in their hands.”
 Well said Jason, well said.  Let’s pray for Jason and Lauren and the step of faith they are taking. Their faith is an inspiration to me.  I believe the Lord is going to work through Jason and Lauren to bless a lot of people. May we each take inspiration from their story. Let’s  be a people who will pray and allow the Lord to lead each of us on a grand adventure of faith, just as God  is doing with Jason and Lauren. May God bless the Moore Family and may God bless the Bethel Church Family!


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