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Be Rich in Good Deeds

I got an opportunity about a month ago to tour the Powhatan Free Clinic. They offer free healthcare, not only to the residents of Powhatan, but also to the residents of Chesterfield, Amelia, Goochland and Cumberland. The tour was an eye opening experience. I had no idea how great the need is for this service and I also didn’t know the extraordinary lengths that people go to in order to obtain health care. For example, I learned that there are a couple of older ladies who actually walk 6 and 7 miles to get to the clinic.
Stories like that really illuminate how much need there is in our community. We are called by Christ to help meet these needs. Christ tells us in Matthew 25 that when we serve “The least of these” that we serve Christ himself. To that end, it’s time for us to “Be Rich!” “Be Rich” is a campaign that we did last November where we collected money and blessed The Friends of Homeless with a check for over $2,500.
Full confession, I borrowed the “Be Rich” campaign from Northpoint Community Church where Andy Stanley is the pastor. Northpoint is one of the largest churches in the country and for a number of years they’ve been doing the “Be Rich” campaign. The term “Be Rich” comes from 1 Timothy 1:18-19,
“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”
Northpoint church has been practicing “being rich in good deeds” for several years now and it’s pretty neat to see how the campaign has impacted their communities. They have literally given away brand new vans to local non-profits who needed help with transportation. They’ve funded salaried positions so that nonprofits could hire much needed help. They can do these things because they collect around 4 million dollars each year and all of this money is then given to local non-profits who are doing “Gospel Work,” such as feeding the hungry, healing the sick, taking care of the poor, and being advocates for justice.
While we can’t give away that kind of money, we can certainly make an impact in Chesterfield and Powhatan. Beginning on Sunday, November the 5th, and for the following two Sundays, we’re going to take just a few minutes during the worship service to learn about three local nonprofits who could use our help.
On November 5th you’ll meet Mamie Scott. Mamie runs The Supper Table” in Powhatan County. They take meals to folks who are shut in and they also provide a meal once a month for local nursing homes. For some of these nursing home residents this is their only time away from the nursing facility each month.
Another one of the nonprofits will once again be Friends of the Homeless. They feed the homeless in Richmond. Shawnee Hanson will return to Bethel on November 12th to share with us what’s been happening in their ministry since last year.
Finally, on November 19th you’ll meet Connie Moslow from the Powhatan Free Clinic. All three of these nonprofits are doing “Gospel Work” and they need more than monetary assistance, they need volunteers as well. Perhaps as they tell their stories, the Lord will speak to us about how we might partner with these organizations to help them serve others and in doing so, to actually serve our Lord. Please be in prayer for these organizations and for us as we discern how we might use our resources to help others. May God bless them and may God

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