April 14 Update

During this Pandemic we can all acknowledge that the some of the unsung heroes are our nurses and doctors.  We reached out to a couple of folks that we know who work at St. Francis Hospital to see if there is any way that we can  be a blessing to them during this time and there are several things we can do.  Lisa Hardy, a Bethel Church member and a nurse at St. Francis, is going to coordinate our efforts to help St. Francis.  I want to thank Lisa for all that she does as a nurse and for her willingness to assist us as we try to help her co-workers.  Before you read on we want you to be please be careful and follow all CDC guidelines should you decide to participate in this effort to help St. Francis.  With that said, here’s how we can help.   

1. Pray for the doctors, nurses, staff and patients of St. Francis.  We can all do this and we hope you’ll pray for these folks daily. 

2. We can send care packages to the nurses and patients.  If you’d like to send a care package simply drop the contents of the package by the church and Lisa will pick them up and deliver them to the hospital.  To make sure we are “socially distanced” please call the church office and let us know you’re coming.  You can leave the care package on the front steps and we will receive it from there.  The hospital has asked for crossword puzzle books, coloring books, or sudoku puzzle books for care packages for their patients.  Patients cannot receive visitors at the this time so something like a puzzle book will help them pass the time.  Care packages for nurses and doctors can include candy and snacks.  

Once again, we do not want you to go out and get items for care packages unless you feel it’s safe to do so.  However, if you’re going out to the grocery store or pharmacy and want to pick up some items for a care package that would be wonderful.  Again, you can drop it by the church and we can box it up and get it to St. Francis.  

3. We can send Hospital workers notes of encouragement.  In our notes we can include Scriptures, prayers and words of appreciation for what they are doing.  The Mailing address is 

St. Francis Hospital
13710 St. Francis Blvd
Midlothian Va, 23114

Please list the department you’d like to receive your note.  You may write to the following departments:  

Emergency Nurses Station 
Labor and Delivery Nurses Station
Mother Infant Unit Nurses Station
ICU Nurses Station
Progressive Critical Care Nurses Station
4th Floor Nurses Station
5th Floor Nurses Station
Equipment Distribution
Materials Management
Case Management. 


I’m sure each of these departments would love to receive a note from us.  

Let’s all try to do something on this list and “adopt” St. Francis hospital and try to bless the folks that work there.  Let’s show them we value them and they are appreciated.  God bless you all.