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Every Story is a Redemption Story


One of our Bethel Mileposts is “Every Story is a Redemption Story.” Redemption is one of my favorite words because nestled within this word there is another word, HOPE! Hope that God can take the brokenness and messiness of our past to create a future that is full of purpose and blessing. I’d like to invite you to make a special effort to be with us on Mother’s Day to hear one of the best redemption stories I’ve heard. It’s the story of a gentleman named Robert Day. Who is Robert Day?
Robert Day on his radio show
Robert is the Chief Executive Officer of Patrick Henry Family Services (PHFS). Robert holds a Master’s degree in social work, as well as a Master’s degree in Divinity. He is a caring, committed husband to his wife Karen, and a devoted father to their four children.
Robert’s path to becoming the CEO of PHFS was neither straightforward, nor easy. Robert’s childhood was one that was marked with extreme poverty and abuse. Robert moved over 35 times during his childhood and was in and out of foster homes. He suffered rejection and shame at the hands of his mother Cora, who often used Robert for her own ends. Robert wrote a book about his childhood experience called,
Worst of Mothers…Best of Moms
Here’s an excerpt from the book that recalls one such episode from Robert’s past.
“There were times when we were out of food, or the rent was past due, that my mother would give me a dime and a telephone number, which she had usually written on my hand or forearm. When the person answered I simply said, ‘Cora needs money.’ A man would eventually show up and spend the night. Crisis averted.”
Book Cover: Worst of Mothers...Best of Moms
This is only one of many such stories that Robert tells in his book. How does one go from a childhood full of abuse and neglect to become the CEO of PHFS? You’ll have to join us on Mother’s Day to hear the full story, but the short version is that it was only through the power of the gospel of Christ that Robert went from just surviving to thriving. Please join us on May 14th at 10:30 in the Hope Center where you’ll hear how Robert survived his childhood and how the Lord is using the messiness of his past to bring hope to others. It’s a great story of God’s faithfulness and power of redemption.
Until then, allow me to remind you that your story and my story are also redemption stories and let me leave you with this question: How is God using your past to pave the way to a future of purpose and blessing? May God bless you and May God bless Bethel Church. Amen.

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