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Faith in Action

Normally, I like to feature someone and their story of faith in my newsletter articles, but as we know, things aren’t normal. Rather than focusing on one story, I’d like to share with you how I’ve seen us put our faith into action over these last two challenging months.
Faith in Action: gifts for those in needSeveral of you made masks for people. Others kept Charlotte’s Food Pantry up and running by distributing food to those in need. Some of you have shopped for groceries for elderly neighbors. I know of two or three of you that have been taking people to doctor visits or Chemo treatments.
We helped a family in Chesterfield where both parents lost their jobs and they are expecting a child. This family was forced to abandon their home and move in with a friend. We provided them with gift cards to purchase groceries, baby clothes, and diapers.
Speaking of gift cards, several of you have provided us with gift cards to grocery stores so that we could pass them along to families in need. Many of you donated candy, snacks, and puzzle books to bless the good folks at St. Francis Medical Center. They were so appreciative they mentioned us on their Facebook page.
Faith in Action: thankful for our firefightersSomeone else from our church took snacks to the Midlothian Fire Department to thank them for all they do for the community. The Fire Chief was so appreciative he wrote us a very nice letter which we’ve printed on page 6 in this newsletter.
Many of you have been checking on one another. You’ve been calling, texting, emailing, sending cards, and in one case, you organized a drive by parade of eight to ten cars to wish someone a happy birthday.
I’m also grateful for those who have helped to get our worship services online and for those of you who have participated in our services. I’m equally grateful for your continued giving and support of the church during this time. Thank you. I’m also overjoyed that during this time we’ve actually had several people to join the church virtually. Pretty incredible!
I’d like for you to notice that I have not mentioned any names in this article. This is because there is only one name to mention and that of course is Christ. The name that is above all names. Ephesians 2:10 says,
“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
I’ve seen the truth of this verse every day over the last two months as Christ as been working in you and through you. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, people are being blessed and Christ is being glorified as you respond in faith to His call. To this I say amen! Thank you for doing what you’re doing!
Faith in Action: gifts to St. Francis HospitalWhile there is much good that’s been done and there are many blessings to count, I also know that many of you are tired, frustrated and want this pandemic to end so that we can “get back to normal.” None of us know when that will be or what “normal” will even look like. Please know I’m praying for you. I pray for Christ to give us strength, to encourage us, and to help us focus on the present. I want to encourage you to keep hold of Christ. Keep faith in Christ. Keep seeking and praying.
There are so many unknowns that lay before us. It’s difficult to make any kind of plans. In many ways we are forced to live day to day. Let us remember Matthew 6:34,
“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Christ is asking us to concentrate on the present, on this day. Let me leave you with a thought about this day. THIS DAY is good. It’s good because God aroused us from our sleep and invited us into THIS DAY. It’s good because God asks us to participate in His creative, redemptive, ministry of loving and healing THIS DAY. THIS DAY is good because God is good and God is with us. Let’s give thanks to God for THIS DAY. I am thankful for THIS DAY because of you and what Christ has been doing through you. I am thankful that Christ is walking with us through this valley and one day soon we will be together again at Bethel. May God bless you. I love and miss each of you.
In Christ,

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