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Golden Rule Living

If you ever are feeling down or discouraged, I’ve got some helpful advice for you, go visit David GrubbsDavid Grubbs. The man is inspirational. I visited with David for a few minutes before his sister’s funeral back in June. During the conversation, David told me a story about his parents, Robert and Annie Grubbs.
Robert worked for VDOT, and was also a carpenter and a gentleman farmer. Their farm was located in Louisa County. David's Parent, Robert and Annie Grubbs, taught "Golden Rule Living"David’s dad knew all about hard work. David said that his dad used to plow with mules and horses even into the early 1950s. Annie was a homemaker and was also no stranger to hard work. David said his mom would often help pick tobacco on the farm and she did it with joy. He said she used to carry an old harmonica in her apron. Annie would sometimes stop picking tobacco long enough to play a hymn on the harmonica, and then go right back to work. Robert and Annie had seven children; David was the youngest. David told me that when you are a child of Robert and Annie, you grew up learning about hard work and “Golden Rule Living.”
What is Golden Rule Living? David said his parents gave them several “non-negotiable” rules growing up. Among them were
  1. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  2. There was to be no cussing, no fussing and no loud voices in the house.
  3. Absolutely no complaining or negative thinking.
Robert and Annie told their children, “Listen, things aren’t going to go your way all the time, life’s hard, but a little hardship isn’t going to shake us loose from Golden Rule Living.”
Robert and Annie Grubbs 50th Wedding AnniversaryDespite these “rules” David remembers that their home was always filled with love, laughter and joy, even during hard times. There would be times when crops would fail, storms came or loved ones died, but they stuck together because his parents insisted they’d stick together and practice Golden Rule Living. They never wavered from this commitment and David is thankful for the way he was raised. If you get a moment, ask David about his parents and Golden Rule living; I bet you’ll come away inspired, like I was.
David’s story inspired me to think about how we treat each other at Bethel. I pray that we can also practice Golden Rule Living. Let’s covenant to treat each other like we want to be treated, let’s be positive thinkers and when something comes along that tries to “shake us loose,” let’s stick together. For I believe that Christ has put us together and has called us to do what Robert and Annie Grubbs insisted upon: To love each other. Loving each other; that’s our calling and it’s the essence of Golden Rule Living. Lord, thank you for Christ who taught us the Golden Rule and thank you for the witness of Robert and Annie Grubbs who remind us of the power of Golden Rule Living. Lord, bless David Grubbs and his family and bless the Bethel Church Family! Amen.


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