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Listening Is a Form of Love

One of the things that continues to be impressed upon me is the value of a listening ear. I believe listening is a form of love. Not only do I believe it, but I also believe that part of being faithful to the Greatest Commandment, “Loving God and Loving our Neighbors,” means creating space where we can actively listen to God and listen to each other. To this end I’m excited to announce the formation of Bethel’s first Prayer and Listening (PALs) Group. A PALs group consists of a group of people who are dedicated to the idea of coming together to share each other’s stories, to listen to one another and pray for each other.
The PALs group idea emerged from a conversation I had with Brian Moseley. Brian is married to his lovely wife Becky and they have two children Austin and Trevor. Brian works for Moseley Electronics and is on our AV Team. He is a US Army Veteran and he bravely and honorably served our country by completing three tours of duty. Brian served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Guantanamo Bay in 2002-2003. Then he served in Operation Vigilant Relief in 2005, which was a disaster relief operation in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina. Finally, Brian served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Al Anbar, Iraq, from 2007-2008. As you can imagine, Brian saw and experienced things that no one should have to see or experience. Tragically some of these things happened after Brian’s tour of duties ended. Brian has lost three close Army friends to suicide. As a result of these experiences, the Lord has given Brian a burning desire to help our Veterans. Brian wants to bring Veterans together to support one another.
Thus the idea of a Veterans PALs group was born. We’re going to offer a place where Bethel Veterans can come together to simply talk about their experiences, listen to one another and to pray for one another. Prayer and listening is one way we can offer love and care to our Veterans.
Bud Hines and Brian Moseley
Bud Hines and Brian Moseley

Brian will have some help in this journey from Bud Hines. Bud is a US Army Veteran and he spent some time in a POW camp in Korea. Bud knows all too well the difficulty our soldiers face when they come home. I’m grateful for folks like Brian and Bud and I’d like to ask you to pray for them and for the Vets that may want to participate in this group.

Here are the details of the first Veterans PALs meeting. The group will meet on August 18th immediately following the worship service. If you’re a Veteran of the US military you’re invited to participate. It doesn’t matter if you served in combat or not. ALL Veterans are invited. At this first meeting we’re going to serve you lunch and then we’ll spend some time simply listening to each other and praying for one another. Praying and listening: They are the only things on the agenda, but they are important things because listening to one another and praying for each other is a form of love and love changes lives!
May God bless Brian Moseley and his family. May God bless Bud Hines and his family. May God bless all of our Veterans and may God bless Bethel Church.
In Christ and with love,

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