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Share Your Faith


Who introduced you to Christ? How does someone come to a place where they are willing to hear the gospel and ask the Lord into their life? For many of us, including me, it is a process. I grew up going to church and because of some very caring, loving Sunday school teachers and pastors, I learned about the Lord and eventually asked the Lord into my life and began to follow. But what if you’re like most folks today and don’t grow up going to church? How can we share our faith with them?

Wendy McClellan and Shawn Moss

Fortunately the Lord has provided a witness. Let me share with you the story of two friends, Wendy McClellan and Shawn Moss. Shawn writes the following:

“It started out as what appeared to be the normal back to school orientation, little did I know it would be a life changing event for me. My daughter Olivia and I stood in the school cafeteria looking over her list of teachers when we saw Wendy and Rachel McClellan. Olivia and Rachel had gone to Flat Rock Elementary School together and some years they were even in the same class. Wendy and I would say hello when we saw each other, but that was it. But today Wendy extended an invitation, ‘Hey, would y’all like to get something to eat?’

“Wendy and Rachel stood there with welcoming smiles on their faces waiting for our answer. We accepted their invitation and went to dinner at Four Seasons in Powhatan. We enjoyed the conversation so much so that our dinner lasted over 2 hours!

“One of the things we talked about was Wendy’s journey with breast cancer. I could relate to her story because one of my childhood friends had just begun her battle with breast cancer that spring. My friend and I sat hand in hand on her first day of chemotherapy. I shared her ups and downs and learned the cruelty of cancer. As Wendy shared her story my heart hurt for her because I wished I could have been there to hold her hand or invite Rachel over for a sleepover so Wendy could rest. Wendy had the ability to tell me with a tear in her eye and also a twinkle in her eye that God had been with her in every single detail of her battle and she told God that from here on out she would share God’s blessings with anyone and everyone who would listen.

“That caught my attention because, I never thought about God in a positive way. I had so many things happen in my childhood and my young adult years that I knew God wasn’t really watching over me. How could He be? Wendy has such a strong faith, even after what she had gone through, that I admired her so much. Wendy later shared with me that she prayed to God to receive a good, close girlfriend, and lo and behold, here I was.

“On our Christmas break we had taken the girls bowling and afterwards I told her I wanted to go to Lifeway. I had seen some really neat Bible journaling on Pinterest and thought I might like to try it. Here we go again; another 2 hour date in the bookstore! I told Wendy I’d love to do a Bible study and I was shocked at my own words. Wendy said she had just spoken to a friend who wanted to do one at church. This was just the beginning of my spiritual journey. So we did the Bible study and I would leave the study exhausted from crying and from the emotions it would bring up. Thank goodness I was surrounded with amazing ladies.

“God continues to work in my life and Wendy and I often look at each other during Sunday School class or the Sunday sermon thinking ‘Hey, didn’t we just talk about this.’ Amazing things have happened outside of church and also in the inviting arms of God and Bethel Baptist Church. Because of Wendy’s warm smile and an invitation to come to church our lives are completely changed. God knew He was supposed to put us together. I now believe God was always with me; I just didn’t know how to listen. Thank God for Wendy McClellan and for the courage it took for her to share her faith. She is an amazing friend with a beautiful spirit.”

Shawn and Wendy’s story is a model for us. One way that people can come to faith is organically, through authentic relationships. Notice a couple of things about this story. Wendy had been praying for the Lord to send her a friend. It all started with prayer! God answered that prayer and Wendy not only got a friend, but so did Rachel.
Also notice that it took a little courage on Wendy’s part to extend an invitation to lunch and courage on Shawn’s part to accept. So often in life we find ourselves in the same old routine. Every now and again it’s good to try something new, extend or accept an invitation, make a new friend, and watch God work. That dinner invitation led to the ultimate invitation when Shawn invited Christ into her life. She accepted and, as she said, Christ changed her life.
I believe God wants to change everyone’s life and God can do just that when we do what Wendy did, extend an invitation. Let’s do that. Let’s invite someone to a meal, make a new friend, listen to their story, I bet they’ll listen to your story and in the sharing of our lives we can also share Christ and all of our lives will be enriched with blessing upon abundant blessing. So let’s be a people who will invite others into our lives and invite them to church.
I have to confess, even as a pastor, I sometimes struggle with how to bring up Christ in my conversations with others. I need some help in this area. So to help all of us, I’ve invited Jim Hamacher to teach us how to share our faith on Sunday, October 29th. Jim is the Director of Missions for the Middle District Baptist Association
and he’s passionate about sharing his faith. He has a heart for it and we can learn from Jim. Please join us in worship on Sunday, October 29th and until then, let’s do like Wendy did and pray. Pray that the Lord will show us how to invite others into our lives and to have the courage to share our faith.
One additional note, Wendy McClellan is beginning a new Beth Moore Bible study on Sunday October 1st and it will last 6 weeks, concluding on Sunday, November 5th. They will meet at 2:30 p.m. at Bethel. Please call the church office at 794-8590 for additional details. May God bless Wendy, her daughter Rachel, her son Layne and Shawn and her husband Trey and their daughter Olivia and may God continue to bless you and Bethel Church. Amen.

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