The Future of Your Church is Already in Your Pews.

March will be a BUSY month at Bethel. I’ve got several highlights that I’d like to share with you. First, on Sunday March 3, we’re going to update the congregation on our Vision process during the worship service. We’ll share with the congregation the next steps in how we are planning to live into our vision of “Knowing, Growing and Going in the Love of Christ.” We’ve been working hard on these next steps and we’re excited to share. Then please mark your calendars for Monday, March 4, at 7 pm. Matt Thornhill will visit Bethel and he’ll share with us a very compelling idea: The Future of Your Church is Already in Your Pews. I heard Matt deliver this presentation at a meeting of the Middle District Baptist Association and his presentation was highly educational, compelling and very practical as he offered several unique suggestions for church growth. Who is Matt Thornhill and how is he qualified to speak about church growth? Matt is a marketing professional and some 20 years ago he realized the future of companies, churches and other nonprofits depended on understanding older consumers,  starting with “Boomers.” Matt has done groundbreaking research on the Boomer market and has written about his insights in his book, “Boomer Consumer.” Matt has consulted with leaders from Walmart, Google, Verizon, P&G, Lowes, Samsung, Wells Fargo and Lincoln Financial. He’s given over 1,000 speeches on the topic of older consumers.

The demographic reality facing most churches is an aging membership. Many lament that they are not attracting young people to church and they believe their future looks bleak. On March 4, I believe Matt will open our eyes to the idea that this demographic reality may, in fact, create opportunities for us! He’ll explain easy- to-implement strategies and tactics to reach the unchurched of every age in our community, tapping into the resources we already have at Bethel: Boomers! I hope you’ll make every effort to attend this fun and educational presentation as we continue to think and dream about the future of Bethel. Saturday, March 23, we’re hosting a community Easter Egg Hunt, complete with face painting, games and a petting zoo! The fun starts at 10 am and continues till noon. Please invite your friends and neighbors with children. This is always a fun event! Sunday March 24, is Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week. On Thursday, March 28 we will have a very special Maundy Thursday service at 7 pm. This service is always a very solemn service as we contemplate the sacrifice that Christ made for us.

To reflect the harsh reality of His loving sacrifice, we always exit the service in darkness and silence. Finally, Sunday March 31 is Easter Sunday! We’ve got a very special Easter service planned, beginning with breakfast at 8:45 am., prepared by our Men’s Brotherhood. Our Easter service will have plenty of great music and I’m looking forward to sharing the great news of our Lord’s resurrection! Easter Sunday is certainly a great way to end a very busy March. I look forward to connecting with you at all of these wonderful events. May God bless you and may God bless Bethel Baptist Church!