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Bethel Baptist Church has been the sponsoring organization for BSA Troop 800 for almost 30 years now. They meet at the church every Tuesday night year-round from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm and camp the third weekend of every month except for July (Summer Camp) and December.

The Troop has a very well established and structured program with more than 130 boys who have earned the rank of Eagle. Their average of almost 25% of their Scouts earning this rank eclipses the national average, which floats between 2-4%. A significant reason for this success is Rodney Parsons, who has been the Scoutmaster of the Troop almost since its inception and involved in the Scouting program for over 50 years. The Troop also typically has 50-70 Scouts and between 20 and 30 adult leaders of whom nearly one-third don’t even have boys in the Troop.

The Troop’s activities have been well documented in local newspapers and in Scouting magazine, a national publication which featured the success of the Troop’s annual Webelos Day event, where they invite upcoming Webelos and Arrow of Light scouts to participate at no charge in Boy Scout activities at Camp Justis, the Troop’s camp in Powhatan, VA. Each year, this event brings in between 100-200 boys, with the sole purpose of keeping them interested in Scouting, whether they join Troop 800 or not.

For more information, please visit Troop 800’s website at http://www.bsatroop800.net.