Pastor’s Blog

by Pastor Todd Bradbury

“Santa” to visit Bethel

This month I want to introduce you to Hubbard and Barbara Sprouse. I met the Sprouses when I was the pastor at Fitzgerald Memorial Baptist Church in Cumberland. Hubbard and Barbara live in Cumberland, but they both were raised in Chesterfield. Hubbard graduated from Meadowbrook and Barbara from Thomas Dale. Not only were they high school sweethearts, but they actually got married in their senior year of high school. After high school Hubbard went to work for C&P Telephone Company, which is now Verizon, and he stayed there until he retired. Barbara was a homemaker for their four children and also a preschool teacher.


Unexpected Moments of Grace


Have you ever stopped to think of what it takes for the Lord to touch someone’s heart? For Curtis Salyer, the Lord worked through a 5-year old boy’s prayer, a fall from a church steeple, and the return of a church key. Let me explain:


A Passion to Serve…with Electronics

For the past few months I’ve been asking us to think about what it means to be a minister and how we’re all called to some form of ministry. The question many of us struggle with is, “What is my ministry?” I want to suggest that one way we can find our unique ministry is by paying close attention to the things we’re passionate about. Bruce Moseley provides us with a fine example of how our passion can uncover the path to our ministry. 


Love is spelled T-I-M-E

Have you ever gotten to sit in the cockpit of an Airbus A300? Thanks to Rob Camden, my two children and I got to have that experience. We recently spent a morning at the Richmond International Airport where Rob took us on a tour of the FedEx Air Terminal. Rob worked for Fed Ex for 37 years and retired just last month. On our tour Rob showed us


Every Christian is called to be a minister

One of the scariest moments of my seminary career occurred on my very first day of Seminary, September 12, 2001.  It was a surreal feeling starting seminary on the day after 9/11. This was a fearful time for our nation and I have to admit a fearful time for me as I began a new chapter of my life. What made that day even more worrisome was when a group of seasoned seminary students were giving some of us new students some pearls of wisdom.  One of them said to me, “You know that as a minister you represent God to others.” I never stopped to think that being a minister is to represent the Lord.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. It just didn’t; it was a new revelation. My thought at the time was, “Who am I to represent the Lord?” If that’s what being a minister means then I was pretty sure I wasn’t cut out for ministry.


Faithful Stewards of God’s Creation

This month I want to call our attention to Carolyn and Doug Turner and tell you about their two passions. Carolyn loves animals. She volunteers most every day at the Richmond Animal League.* She’s been a volunteer there for 18 years. She travels to several localities to take in dogs and cats from local animal pounds in an effort to keep these animals from being euthanized and to hopefully adopt them out to loving families. Carolyn says this about her work,