Pastor’s Blog

by Pastor Todd Bradbury

Faithful Stewards of God’s Creation

This month I want to call our attention to Carolyn and Doug Turner and tell you about their two passions. Carolyn loves animals. She volunteers most every day at the Richmond Animal League.* She’s been a volunteer there for 18 years. She travels to several localities to take in dogs and cats from local animal pounds in an effort to keep these animals from being euthanized and to hopefully adopt them out to loving families. Carolyn says this about her work,


No Gift Is Too Small

I’ve been serving at Bethel for a little over three years and most every Sunday morning I’ve noticed that there is a plate of cookies in the parlor for folks to enjoy before Sunday school. For three years I’ve known about the cookies, but I never stopped to ask myself who is responsible for putting them there. I assumed someone probably bought a few cookies from the store and put them out each week. Or maybe several people took turns putting them out? I didn’t know. I recently found out that these cookies aren’t store bought cookies at all and they are made fresh each Saturday evening by one person:


A Step of Faith

Who is Jason Moore and why is that quote important? Jason and his wife Lauren joined church last fall. In February they dedicated their two beautiful children, Coen and Elliot, to the Lord. At the dedication service the Moore’s publicly announced their intention to model their faith in Christ for their children. Not only is their faith a model for their children, it may just be a model for us as well. Let me explain.


The Lord’s been good to me

One of the most majestic places in Virginia is Crabtree Falls.  This waterfall is a spectacular sight to see, but it also has a dark side.  Since the 1980s over 30 people have lost their lives as they’ve ventured off the path and fell because of the slippery moss and rocks.  There is a wonderful lady in our church who knows the anguish of losing a loved one at Crabtree Falls. Dolly Smith lost her daughter Tammy Hess on August 9, 1988.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only painful loss Dolly has experienced.


Proclaim Freedom for the Prisoners

This month I’d like to share three names with you. The first name is Thomas; actually that’s not his real name. I need to protect his real name because Thomas is a heroine addict, and he’s incarcerated at Richmond City Jail. Thomas was a barber by trade, but his addiction sent his life spiraling out of control as heroine and depression consumed his life. At one point he was even dealing heroine out of his barber shop. He was caught and arrested and now he calls the Richmond City Jail home.


The Mission has a Church

One of the things we’ve been talking a lot about is being a missional church. In fact, one of our Bethel Mileposts is “The Mission has a Church.” What does it mean to be a missional church? Missional thinker Alan Hirsch offers this definition of the missional church: